Dedication Fuels Action. Trust is Earned, Not Assumed.

At our core, we understand that commitment is the catalyst for meaningful action. We don't merely acknowledge our customers' trust; we actively earn it. Our commitment materializes through substantial investments in cutting-edge equipment and a team of the nation's most dedicated and qualified biohazard cleanup specialists.

For emergencies, our steadfast dedication extends to a specialized 24/7 emergency line. In delicate situations, we respond promptly with the highest level of discretion and efficiency, ensuring that your needs are addressed with the urgency and respect they deserve.

We strictly follow OSHA regulations related to hazardous waste and implement universal precautions to safeguard both our employees and customers.


 Biohazard Cleaning

 Crime Scene Cleanup

 Trauma / Unattended Death Cleanup

 Bird Excrement Removal

 Urine & Feces Cleaning

 Disinfection (like COVID, and others)

 Blood / Bodily Fluid Cleanup

 Odour Removal

 Garbage Chute Cleaning

 Power & Pressure Washing

 Junk Removal

Experience Professional Trauma and Death Cleanup Services, 24/7

Facing the aftermath of a traumatic event or unexpected death is undoubtedly challenging. If you find yourself dealing with the aftermath and need a reliable and discreet cleanup service, look no further.

Contact our 24/7 Emergency Line at +1 778-402-8047 for immediate assistance. Our dedicated team operates year-round, including nights, weekends, and all public holidays.

Unexpected deaths bring with them a host of harsh realities, and dealing with the aftermath involves more than just the emotional toll. Cleanup involves a level of expertise beyond standard routines, requiring specialized care and attention.

Biohazard remediation, especially in cases of trauma or unattended death, involves the meticulous removal, disinfection, and cleaning of body fluids, blood, and any other human remains present in affected areas. Whether it's an accident, crime scene, or traumatic suicide, our professional team is equipped to handle these challenging situations with utmost sensitivity and efficiency.

Trust us to navigate the complexities of trauma and death cleanup, allowing you to focus on the emotional healing process. Call us anytime at +1 778-402-8047 – we are here for you 24/7, 365 days a year.

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