No job is too late. No job is too dirty. At Ox2 Net Biohazard Cleaning, we are committed to helping families, businesses and property owners through difficult situations.

 Biohazard Cleaning

 Crime Scene Cleanup

 Trauma / Unattended Death Cleanup

 Bird Excrement Removal

 Urine & Faeces Cleaning

 Disinfection (like COVID, and others)

 Blood / Bodily Fluid Cleanup

 Odour Removal

 Garbage Chute Cleaning

 Power & Pressure Washing

 Junk Removal

We have invested heavily in the development of our staff, ensuring that they are very much capable of providing you with the best solution based on your requirements
We have a special emergency line to operate 24/7, and we are able to deal with delicate situations with utmost speed and discretion.
We invest heavily in our equipment and we adhere to CCOHS regulations concerning hazardous waste to protect our employees and customers.
We use eco-friendly cleaning products. We ensure that hazardous waste materials are disposed of in accordance with environmental legislation.

As a company, our main goal is to ensure that people are safe from the harmful influence of poor standards of hygiene, by providing a wide variety of high-quality biohazard cleaning services tailored to meet our clients’ specific needs. This ensures that the clients live in hygienic surroundings and that any hazardous situations are eliminated without endangering the environment. Our cleaning services range from disinfection/decontamination, trauma/unattended death cleanup, bird excrement removal, bodily fluids and faeces cleaning, industrial deep cleaning and more.

    Our Testimonials:
  • ‘A fast, reliable, and efficient service delivered exactly to our specifications. I found everything from organising the task to completion painless and was highly satisfied with the results.’ Mike.
  • ‘The team did an exceptional job in an emergency situation. There was a lot to deal with and the team were very helpful and it got us out of a bad situation efficiently.’ Lee.
  • ‘Amazing service. The guys were polite and well mannered. They were professional from start to finish.’ Silvia

In order to respond to various emergency situations quickly and flexibly, we keep our core team small. This means we do not have bureaucratic procedures. A quick phone call, a simple email, and we will be there for you with the most suitable equipment and team members. This also allows us to operate in the most cost-efficient manner, which in turn, offers you the most competitive pricing throughout the whole of the BC.

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